Double Wing Cut Crease SNEAK PEAK

A tutorial for this fun and summery look will be up this week!


Boxycharm March 2017 First Impressions


Valentines Day Make Up Tutorial! (video)


Video or Picture Tutorials????

So, I’m stuck. I love making makeup tutorials to teach and show different techniques or just show how I do my favorite looks… But I need your help! Tell me which type of tutorial you prefer- Video or Photo tutorials? I have done both in the past, I really love doing both.

Would you like to see a mix of the two on here, only videos, or only photos? If I do a video tutorial, when you open the post to the video would you like to see photos of each product I used in the video with a link?

I want to work on growing my blog more and growing my YouTube channel, but I need your help to let me know what type of content you want to see and what format you prefer!

Also, if you have any requests/suggestions about what kind of looks/tutorials you want me to do, please let me know!

Thanks so much!



My Boyfriend Narrates My Make Up Tutorial

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E.L.F Hydrating Bubble Mask: Review & First Impression (feat. my boyfriend!)

Hi! So, I decided to do something different than my everyday tutorials today. While we were at Walmart we somehow made our way to the cosmetics section, surprise surprise! In those isles of products, I was on the hunt for a mask. So when I found this one, I was pretty excited to give it a try. In the isle, I convinced Jake to try it out with me for a review that night and he seemed to be pretty excited too! We made it home and sat down to start the picture taking process, and things just got funny. So, I’m apologizing now for the lack of my usual awesome quality pictures! But, here ya go. A review of the ELF Hydrating Bubble Mask!


This is the bottle. As you can see, it’s a decent sized bottle. It’s just a little strange because the white bit at the top is a button. You push it down to get the product out, which I both like and don’t. It’s an awesome concept at keeping the ingredients as fresh as they can be and not contaminating the product, but it’s still a bit of a pain to have to push the product through the top.


When it’s first applied, this is how it looks. It’s white and it almost immediately starts to bubble or foam. --545.jpg--549.jpg

The first picture is still it not fully foamed up, the second is about as much as it foamed.


So, let’s talk about the product!

Me: I liked the way the product is packaged for the reasons I earlier stated. I didn’t like that you had to work rather quickly to get the product off the top to the face before it started foaming. Since it starts to bubble pretty quickly, you don’t have a lot of time to blend the product around on your face without disturbing the already bubbled product. I really loved the scent, it was a fresh, sweet smell.

Jake: He thought it was “itchy” around the nose because of the bubbles. Since it’s a carbonated mask and foams up, it makes your nose feel like you have an itch. Because of that, we both kept messing with it around our noses so the product wasn’t really that useful. He also really liked the smell.

It left both of our skin feeling and looking very refreshed, soft and hydrated. It did everything it claimed it would do. Overall, I’d say for the price, the experience, and the performance I’d recommend it if you’ve been wanting to try out a carbonated mask, or if you just like to use masks. I think it would be a fun and inexpensive thing to do at a sleepover or spa night! We both liked it enough to use it again. Get yours here!


One Brand Tutorial: Younique (pictures)

Hi everyone! So, as I’m sure most of you know I recently started selling Younique make up. Today I wanted to show you all that you can achieve 2 different looks using one palette! I’m doing a daytime look and a more dramatic, night time look. But, before getting into this tutorial I want to make a quick disclaimer! Just because I sell all of these products doesn’t mean I’m going to lie about the way I feel about them. So, this will be a 100% honest tutorial, like all my others, regarding these products. If you’re interested in learning how to achieve these 2 looks, keep reading!


Studio Session-446.jpgStudio Session-447.jpgStudio Session-448.jpgStudio Session-449.jpg

Starting out with skin, I’m using the Divine Daily Moisturizer then the Uplift Eye Serum. This will help your primer and foundation go on smoother. I’m then using the Glorious Face & Eye Primer. This primer ROCKS. It’s has a very “slippy” texture, which is great for smoothing the skin and filling in the pores. If large pores is a problem or insecurity for you, definitely check out this primer! It’s awesome. I have dry skin, so my skin can have dry patches or texture, a primer like this will really help mask any unwanted textures and will let your foundation look amazing. Studio Session-450.jpgStudio Session-451.jpg

*product not pictured here* I’m now putting on the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation. I only had a one time sample of this product, and it was a very small sample so I feel I couldn’t get an accurate representation of how the product will normally preform. With that being said, since the sample was so small it didn’t give me as much coverage as I would have liked, BUT, it still gave incredible coverage with a lightweight feel. So, if you’re interested in having a full coverage foundation that really helps cover all imperfections on your skin, give this one a try. It’s also very smoothing and dries down to a somewhat powder finish, which means you don’t have to use a powder to set it. If you do tend to get oily throughout the day, taking blotting papers or your pressed powder with you throughout the day will help you get rid of any shine. Studio Session-452.jpg

I’m using Moodstuck Addiction Shadow Palette for the entire look and the highlight on the cheeks. For this tutorial, I’m showing you two different looks you can achieve. One for day time, and the other for night time. The awesome thing though, is you don’t have to take off any product to achieve the nighttime look, so it’s great for going from work to a night out without having to take off and reapply any make up. So, let’s get started!

Studio Session-453.jpgStudio Session-454.jpg

First, I’m going in with the color Elated in the palette. This is a light creamy yellow color that’s very similar to my skin tone. If you’re any darker, you can use your face powder for this since this palette doesn’t have a darker highlight shade for dark skin tones. But, a face powder will work just the same! This color has a decent pigmentation, but nothing outstanding which is good for a highlight color. If you have a color that is too rich in pigmentation, it can start to get difficult to work with. So, a color that is pigmented but still sheer enough to work with is what you want. Studio Session-455.jpgStudio Session-456.jpgStudio Session-457.jpg

Next, in the crease I’m using the color Chipper. It’s a matte light warm brown shade and I’m using that in the crease. You want to put matte colors in the crease because that will help deepen your eyes, which is what you want. If you put a shimmery color in your crease, it will reflect light and not look “deep” and that defeats the purpose of applying shadow in your crease. This color has rich pigmentation, so barely dip your brush in and make sure to tap off any excess product to make sure there isn’t any fall out or goes on too strong. I LOVE the matte shades in this palette!

Studio Session-458.jpgStudio Session-459.jpgStudio Session-460.jpg

I’m then going in with the color Sincere, a shimmery champange-y color, all over the lid. I’m using the Angled Shadow/Sponge brush for this. I’m using the sponge side since it will help pack color on better. This color is great. The shimmer is milled very finely so it doesn’t have chunks of glitter in it, which is what I personally don’t like. I prefer this type of shimmer. Since the product is finely milled, it’s very creamy and pigmented. It’s my favorite shimmer in the palette.

Studio Session-461.jpgStudio Session-462.jpgStudio Session-464.jpg

I’m then going in with a dark matte brown shade, this is called Forthright. This is most definitely my favorite color in the whole palette. It’s the perfect creamy matte brown that’s easy to blend and an effortless color. For this I’m using the Angled side of the brush to place this in the outer corner and in the outside of the crease. I’m then using a fluffy crease brush to blend the color out. Again, you want a matte color for the outer corner usually so you can have a deeper look without having anything reflect light. Studio Session-466.jpgStudio Session-467.jpgStudio Session-468.jpg

With a small, thin angled brush I’m using Chipper to fill my brows in completely. I’m then going in with Forthright to fill in the outer part of the brow and the underpart to help define it more and make it a little more dramatic. Use a spoolie, or brow brush, to comb through the brows to help disperse the product through the brows more evenly. Studio Session-470.jpgStudio Session-471.jpg

I’m then mixing the yellowy gold and champagne-y silver color in the palette for my face highlight. These colors are Brassy and Sincere. I loved this highlight combo, the only problem I had with it was a personal preference and that was that Brassy has chunks of glitter in it. Like I said earlier, it’s not what I usually like in a shadow or highlight. I really love finally milled shadows that have no glitter in them. But, I did really like this highlight combo! I used it on the tops of the cheekbones, nose, and cupids bow.

I forgot to take a photo of this, but I’m using the mineral blush Scandalous. I’m using this on the sides of the cheeks. It’s a very pigmented blush since it’s a mineral based blush. It’s a good and bad thing. It’s awesome because it’s soft and pigmented like crazy, the negative to that is that it’s VERY pigmented. So, with a very light hand, pick the blush up on your brush and tap off the excess or press in onto the back of your hand to help get rid of extra pigment. I’m skipping bronzer today, but if you love your bronzer, Younique has some really amazing bronzers, so definitely check them out. Studio Session-475.jpgStudio Session-477.jpg

I thought the eyes needed a little something else, so I used Forthright as a liner for the eyes. I winged it out for this, but if you’re not comfortable with a wing, skip it! Also, as a tip, if you dampen your angled brush and dip it in the shadow it’ll intensify your shadow and make it almost like a gel or liquid liner. If you do this, make sure it’s not soaking wet, only damp. If you introduce too much liquid to your eyeshadow, you could ruin it. So, just a little bit of dampness on your brush and dipped into the edge of your shadow will make it like a liner.

Studio Session-479.jpgStudio Session-478.jpgStudio Session-483.jpgStudio Session-484.jpgStudio Session-485.jpgStudio Session-481.jpg

For mascara, I’m using the Moodstuck 3D Fiber Lashes+. This comes in a cute little pouch so you can keep the two mascara’s together! So, there are 2 tubes. What you do is load up your lashes with the gel and before it dries use the fibers! Make sure not to use a ton of fibers because they will fall in your eyes and irritate them, so just a little bit. Then use the gel again to seal the fibers in and it’ll help add a TON of length and volume to your lashes without making them clumpy or spidery. As a quick tip, if you happen to touch your mascara to your skin wait until it’s dried to wipe it away. If you do it while it’s still wet, it’ll just smear it everywhere and make a mess. So, by waiting until it’s dried to roll it off with a Q-Tip, you’ll avoid smearing your eyeshadow and it won’t make a mess. It’l just flake right off. ALSO, don’t pump your mascara. It doesn’t add any more product to it. All it does is push air into the tube causing your mascara to dry out quicker. So, avoid pumping the wand in the tube. Before you take the wand completely out, just twist it around to add more product to the wand. If you have to dip the wand again, dip it and twist, don’t pump! 🙂

Studio Session-486.jpgStudio Session-489.jpg

For lips today, I’m using 2 products. I’m using the StiffUpper Lip Lip Stain in the color Sappy. It’s a deep berry color, which I love. I really love love LOVE the Lip Stains. They’re great. They last all day, they’re insanely pigmented AND they don’t dry your lips out. They also don’t have a nasty taste that some lip stains can have. They don’t go on patchy either. I really love these lip stains. So, I really recommend that if you’re going to buy only one thing from the line it be the lip stains. They’re awesome! For my gloss today I’m using the Lucrative Lip Gloss in the color Lethal. I’m someone who doesn’t like lipgloss. I don’t like that the can be sticky. But, these are actually really great. They aren’t sticky…at all! They also make my lips feel hydrated. It feels like your wearing a very lightweight lip balm. If you can buy two things from the line, the lip stain and the lip gloss. Most defiantly. They don’t have a taste or really a scent, so that’s really great. I hate when lip products have overwhelming scents that can make it nauseating to wear. These do not do that. They really are great products. Totally check them out!

Studio Session-490.jpgStudio Session-491.jpgStudio Session-492.jpg

This is the first look. I really love it for every day wear. It’s light and fresh looking so it doesn’t look too heavy for work or school. But, if it’s Friday night and your friends want to go out after work, I’m going to show you a second eye look that you can do with the same palette and just a couple of brushes!

Studio Session-500.jpgStudio Session-501.jpgStudio Session-502.jpg

I’m using the color Forthright on the inner corner of the eye and outer corner. I’m then connecting them in the crease and leaving the center of the lid bare. This is called a “sandwich smokey eye” because you sandwich a light color between a dark color. Studio Session-504.jpgStudio Session-505.jpg

I’m then using Chipper to blend the crease out. Don’t forget to blend! Blending the crease out will help the finished look look more put together. Studio Session-507.jpgStudio Session-508.jpgStudio Session-510.jpgStudio Session-512.jpg

I’m then using the color Swanky, a true gold shade, on the bare part of the lid. I’m also using it on the inner part of the lower lash line and Forthright on the outer part of the lower lash line. Lastly, I’m using the color Sincere on the center of the gold to add a little more dimension and a little extra POP.

Studio Session-513.jpgStudio Session-515.jpg

I’m then using Forthright on my brow brush to fill my brows in a little darker to make the look a little more dramatic. And that’s it for the second look for night! I kept the rest of the face the same since it still tied everything together. If you wanted, you could make the lips a little lighter, but I really like the berry color. Studio Session-516.jpgStudio Session-517.jpgStudio Session-518.jpg




I do ask you that if you’re going to buy any of the products used in today’s tutorial or just shop around, PLEASE use this link. You’ll be buying directly from me! I’ll greatly appreciate it. If you do buy any of these products or recreate either of these looks, send them to me! I’d love to see them and post them in an upcoming tutorial as a shoutout. Thank you so much for reading and possibly buying! I love doing the tutorials, so if you have an questions or requests please leave them in the comments!


Here’s a full list with links where to buy these products.

Divine Daily Moisturizer

Glorious Face and Eye Primer

Uplift Eye Serum 

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation

Moodstuck Addiction Eyeshadow Palette 1 

Moodstuck 3D Fiber Lashes+

Moodstuck Minerals Pressed Blusher 

Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain

Moodstuck Minerals Lucrative Lip Gloss 

Angled Shadow/Sponge Brush