GRWM: Dinner w/ Friends! (video)


Sneak Peak: BoxyCharm! 

I just finished filming this look for my boxycharm first impressions video! Who’s excited?! I know I am! 


What I Eat In A Day: Low Carb (Day 1)


What’s Happening: This Weeks Schedule

Hi everyone!

I wanted to try something new, and if it sticks, I’ll keep doing it! Basically, this is just a schedule for the week. I’ll be posting everyday on my YouTube channel and here on my blog. This is what’s going on.

On Monday, today, I’m posting this schedule so you all know what to expect from me this week! I’ll also be posting a What I Eat In A Day: Low Carb (Day 1)!

Tuesday: I want to start a few video series! Tuesdays will be “Tutorial Tuesday” (not original, I know, I’m still working on the name! If you have any suggestions, lmk!) It’ll be a tutorial about how to do easy date night make up.

Wednesday: It’ll just be a GRWM. I’m not sure what it’ll be, so we shall see.

Thursday: The next new series I’m starting. “How To Thursdays”. This week we will be talking about how to fill in your brows for different face shapes, different brow shapes, how your brows can help you look youthful or older, and so much more.

Friday: ANOTHER new series! “Casual Fridays”. This has been an idea I’ve had for a while, so I’ve decided to just go for it now. I’ll be doing an Intro into the series, so I’ll be explaining exactly what this series is in that video!


weeklysched copy.jpg


I’m really hoping you all like this new idea of posting a weekly schedule! Let me know if there’s anything I should add, take away, or change!





Soap & Glory Brand Review


Hi everyone! So, Target recently (I think) started selling Soap & Glory products! I have only tried their plumping gloss, so I decided to give a few other products and a try and I must say… I am IN LOVE!

Today, I’m only going to be talking about these 3 products. I’m excited to get more products from the brand to try out, and as I do I will keep you posted about how I feel about them. But anyway, let’s get started!


Um okay, this body cream is absolutely amazing and you smell like a walking tub of vanilla icing. Who wouldn’t want that? If you have dry skin, try this!! It soaks into your skin so fast, it doesn’t leave a weird residue and it keeps it scent all day (sometimes even into the next day). Plus, this scent mixes with my perfume really well. So, I’m always just a scent bomb.

It’s pretty thick, but I don’t mind that. I use it mainly at night, since that’s when I like to shower. After I use the body wash, I slather myself in this and I’m just a giant ball of smelly and softly goodness as I go to bed. I do put it on my elbows and hands every morning though. I also really like it after I shave my legs, if you do have sensitive skin I don’t think a heavily scented product would be the best option for you.

Since it’s so thick, you don’t need a ton of product, so this will last you a while. On top of it all being absolutely amazing this tub wasn’t expensive at all! For 10.1 oz (300ml), it’s $14 from Target, $15 from Ulta and Walgreens, and £10 from Boots and the Soap & Glory site.



Next product is my new favorite body wash. This smells just like the body cream, so if you use these together you’re definitely going to make everyone crave something sweet after you walk by. If you’re not super into heavy, warm, sweet scents then you probably won’t like this. I love it though! It’s also super moisturizing, which is a common thing for me you will come to notice. As the name suggests, it is super foamy. I use it on my loofa to help exfoliate my skin, which maybe makes the scent last longer? I don’t know.

I usually use 1-2 pumps of this and it is probably too much. And the other cool thing about this is that you can use it as a bubble bath! For the price of this, it’s not outrageous either! This line is pretty aforadable and super amazing. For 16.2 oz (500ml) it costs £6.50 from Boots and the Soap & Glory site, $10 at Ulta and Walgreens, and $8.99 at Target.



Lastly, I suffer from extremely dry heels. I wear flats or slip on sneakers daily, so my heels are constantly dry. It’s pretty annoying, but nothing new. I’ve tried a million different lotions and potions, and I think I’ve found the holy grain of foot creams. Let me explain why: it’s thick, moisturizing, quick absorbing, and…wait for it….NO WEIRD SMELL! That is HUGE for me! I hate those foot creams that smell minty (like traditional foot creams), or the ones that smell medicinal, or the ones that smell…just weird. Sometimes, the ones that are actually really moisturing and great also come with a scent that I can’t stand. This isn’t one of those! It just smells clean and fresh. Perfect for your feet. PLUS if you have outrageously rough cuticles….this is for you.

Another thing that annoys me about most foot creams is that they never absorb quick enough. I’m able to put this cream on before I crawl under the covers and I don’t have to worry about it getting on my sheets or rubbing off on my boyfriends legs. I also don’t have to worry about any fuzz from the carpet getting stuck to my feet. It probably takes 2-5 minutes to fully absorb, depending on the amount you put on. Even if you do put on a lot, it won’t take hours for it to absorb. And if you’re like me, you  hate socks, and this cream doesn’t force you to have to wear socks to get the full moisturizing impact. It’s enough to just put it on!

For 42 oz (125ml), it retails for £5.50 on S&G site and Boots, $10 from Ulta and Walgreens, and $8.99 from Target.



All in all, this brand is worth trying. It won’t break the bank, it feels like high quality products, and I like the vintage-y packaging. I also like the scents of all of the products! If you have dry skin, you most definitely have to try the Body cream because it will make your skin silky. If you don’t like the vanilla buttercream walking frosting on a vanilla cake scent, they have a few different body creams with different scents.







Get Ready For A Change!

Hey everyone!

As I’m sure you’ve probably noticed (????) I’ve been pretty absent the past few weeks. I could go on and on about different excuses as to why I haven’t uploaded anything, but none of them really matter. The point is, I haven’t posted anything. And I am so sorry about that!

But, I’ve been thinking about trying to get on an upload schedule. I want to try to post 5 days a week (mon-fri) and try to make AT LEAST 2 of those posts videos. The rest will be written (with my usual high quality photos attached).

I’m in a new place (physically and mentally), so I’m really ready to dive in headfirst into my blog and YT channel.

Thank you everyone for being patient and awesome in the past because of my random uploads. Hopefully from here on out, there will be a new post daily!